Julian Wolfe
November 12th, 2013

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau faced a lot of heat this week from a “ladies night” that turned into a political football.

Julian Wolfe
October 21st, 2013

It is no secret the only media the Conservatives trust is their own and insiders will often refer to the “liberal media” or “media elite” as a cause for criticisms on their governance and their difficulty attaining power prior to 2006. This mistrust and hatred as spilled to the way Harper deals with journalists and a recent feud is now the centre of a Tory fundraising ploy.

Julian Wolfe
August 25th, 2013

Prime Minister Stephen Harper wrapped up his annual Northern Tour yesterday dodging the media and blocking Chinese journalist Li Xue Jiang from asking a question.

Julian Wolfe
March 31st, 2013

Some of the Filipino media in British Columbia has been taken by Conservative Party members, introducing the opportunity for interference and influence. This has led one alarmed editor, Yul Baritugo from Living Today to resign after his publisher, Reyfort Media Group CEO Reyfort Fortaleza, joined the fold. Is the integrity of Canadian media at stake?

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