NDP to Choose New Leader Today

Julian Wolfe
March 24th, 2012

The NDP are in the process of voting for Jack Layton’s successor after a long leadership race that will shape the face and role of the Official Opposition.

Up until recently, there were 9 candidates who were staunchly in agreement leading to what was a boring race with emphasis on perceived front runners.

However, the race is now down to the second ballot and has started to get interesting as Thomas Mulcair and Nathan Cullen emerge with interesting stances. Thomas Mulcair has come under fire for his: to take the party to the center.

This move and trends showing him as a front runner has brought division to a party which has traditionally been left wing. This has led to the war between change and status quo, left and center. It has led to prominent NDPers, who back Brian Topp, to speak out against Mulcair. As the race continues, the NDP candidates may strategize as the left try to fight against Mulcair who wants to take the NDP to  the center.

In the first round, Mulcair topped Brian Topp and three candidates, Niki Ashton, Paul Dewar and Martin Singh, dropped from the race.

The NDP has said that it will support the new leader with a wave of ads that will attempt to define him before the Conservatives do – taking advantage of observations of how the Liberals fell into the trap for a third time.

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On Monday, the longest campaign in modern history will come to a close and if current polls are any indication, Canada may be seeing a change in government after 9 years of Conservative rule under the leadership of Stephen Harper. Accountability was his calling card in 2006 and today, accountability may very well be one of the defining reasons for his departure.

In its length, in its cost and in its debate schedule, this election is unusual. The first and possibly only real debate of the campaign ended and here are the highlights of what happened.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper left Rideau Hall this morning with Governor General David Johnston’s approval to drop the writ and Canadians are now officially headed to the polls on October 19. For the first time since fixed election date legislation was brought in by the Conservative government, a fixed election date has been followed.

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