Julian Wolfe
March 30th, 2011

A new Nanos poll that took place from March 15 to 29 for CTV News and the Globe and Mail may show the Conservatives in the lead, but Conservative support is on the decline. Within a week, the Liberals have gained the most support off the backs of the Conservatives and NDP. If this trend continues, this election may be a close one.

Julian Wolfe
March 27th, 2011

As Stephen Harper continues to try to convince Canadians that Michael Ignatieff has a hidden agenda to for a coalition government, Michael Ignatieff attacked Harper’s “abuse of power” while he was in power. After a series of scandals and a series of actions that proved that the Conservatives don’t respect democracy, the Conservatives were found in contempt and defeated.

Julian Wolfe
March 26th, 2011

Today commences the election campaign that may or may not change the status-quo in Canadian politics. All of the political parties are trying to get their message across, but will their messages effect the outcome of the upcoming election?

Julian Wolfe
February 13th, 2011

The exploration drills have already touched the ground but Quebecers are uneasy. The Quebec government aspires for energy independence within the coming years. What is expected to be a large economic boom might very well be an environmental bust.

Julian Wolfe
November 25th, 2010

There is a video that claims that the greatest mistake that mankind has made and continues to make is the failure to understand the exponential function. The video, readily available to be watched on YouTube contains 8 parts and can be found by searching for “The Most Important Video You’ll ever see.” It discusses how the exponential function predicts the size of anything at a constant growth rate such as economics and population. It also includes a detailed analysis into the population issue. This video discusses a few ways to control population, but each method seems to be and is sinister to consider. However, if population were to become a real issue, the maintenance of its size would be the least of our problems.

Julian Wolfe
July 16th, 2010

Anyone who is thinking of going to Alberta should be aware of the fact that they are aiding a great environmental flop. As Alberta’s Tar Sands serve as the largest supplier of oil to the United States (or will when the Conservatives are done with it), a new string of American attack ads peg Canada as one of the worst countries in the world with regard to oil. Let us not forget that Canada won the colossal fossil award and our current conservative government is reluctant to make the necessary changes to prepare Canada for a 21st century economy. Rethink Alberta is a well-developed site by Corporate Ethics International and is attacking the oil sands from one aspect to another. In a time when technology is evolving at a rate that could very well make fossil fuels redundant, the Conservative government of Canada would rather prevent the greening progress of the United States than aid it. The Copenhagen Summit, and several Environmental conferences are very good examples of how Canada is setting the wrong example for the world and how world leaders are mocking Canadians as we speak.

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