Julian Wolfe
August 10th, 2014

In the month of July, only 200 net jobs were created. Despite Conservative rhetoric putting the Canadian economy on top of the G7 pack, our job creation record lags behind and remains unstable. It is noteworthy that the majority of lost full-time jobs have at best been replaced with temporary part-time jobs. The Conservatives can no longer afford to kick the can down the road and tell Canadians their opponents can’t handle the economy.

Julian Wolfe
December 12th, 2013

New Snowden documents released to CBC last week show a troubling reality that took place during the G20 summit 2 years ago: Canada rolled out the red carpet for American spies.

Julian Wolfe
May 6th, 2013

It is no secret that Canada’s economy is in rough shape. Anyone that looks at the job numbers sees permanent, well-paying jobs, have disappeared and whatever boom of jobs the Action Plan ads claim to have created are in fact temporary and forcefully drop wages in a time when the cost of living is rising rapidly.

Julian Wolfe
April 17th, 2013

The International Monetary Fund warns Canada’s economy is not the superstar economy the Harper government praises it to be. The IMF goes further to say that of 20 countries outside Europe, Canada will have the slowest rate of growth in 2013 and will cease to be the engine of growth among the G7. They link the slow down to Conservative economic policies. Forget the hype, Canada’s Economic Action Plan was nothing but an ad campaign.

Julian Wolfe
January 24th, 2012

The NDP have disclosed documents that prove that Tony Clement had a say in how the $50 million G8 “slush fund” was managed. In response to their findings, NDP MP Charlie Angus is calling on Tony Clement to turn himself in to the police. Clement fought back claiming that the NDP were only reusing old facts and changing the notion of recommendation into order.

The documents obtained under the Access to Information Act found a contradiction in Clement’s testimony.

Julian Wolfe
January 3rd, 2012

September 11, 2001 will never be forgotten. The day of the largest attack on democracy in modern times has been marked by that date. It is the collapse of the World Trade Centers that led to much of what is happening right now, but if one thing is for certain, the terrorists won.

Julian Wolfe
June 30th, 2011

On April 25, a 500 page document was allegedly handed to the Liberal Party of Canada by Conservative insiders that contained an organized inventory of all of Stephen Harper’s controversial quotes ranging from abortion to western alienation.

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