Julian Wolfe
June 30th, 2011

On April 25, a 500 page document was allegedly handed to the Liberal Party of Canada by Conservative insiders that contained an organized inventory of all of Stephen Harper’s controversial quotes ranging from abortion to western alienation.

Julian Wolfe
June 18th, 2011

The Americans have been fighting the war on drugs for more than 20 years with their tough-on-crime agenda. However, the Americans are now moving away from mandatory minimum sentences without any chance of parole as more than 20 states struggle to afford it in the current economic times. All the while, Tory PM Harper plans to impose their failed justice system on Canada.

Julian Wolfe
June 6th, 2011

The Conservatives promised that they would get us out of deficit by 2014. However, such a promise won’t be visible in the upcoming budget. The Conservatives are well aware of the Liberal Party’s prudent economic abilities and plan to copy it. Jim Flaherty, Canada’s Finance Minister has declared that he doesn’t how to fix the economy, but knows that if he can figure out how the Liberals fixed the previous Tory mess, he can clean up his own.

Julian Wolfe
May 31st, 2011

While Manitoba controls its flood and got two Prime Ministerial visits and plenty of support, Quebecers are left to deal a retreat of Canadian Armed Forces, all the while, Harper visits the rest of the brigade in Afghanistan. NDP leader Jack Layton took the opportunity to tour the region and called Harper’s actions ‘an insult.’ He is the first national leader to tour the region and many of his newest seats are in the area.

Julian Wolfe
May 24th, 2011

Jack Layton has always had a fighting spirit, and he must be so happy that Harper has a majority. This may sound insane, but Harper having a majority actually does benefit him. Since Harper has a majority, he can bark at him and never risk toppling the government. In this case, smooth sailing for him to boost his image. All he needs to do is reject everything Harper does he will look golden by October 19, 2015.

Julian Wolfe
May 23rd, 2011

Stephen Harper has a lot to smile about. He won a majority government with only 39.6% of the vote – imagine if he would have had to try to get the 54% that he has in seats in votes… He doesn’t have to care about what his opposition thinks or says. The fact that he increased the size of government, which will give Canadians a new $9 million bill will likely be forgotten in 4 years.

Julian Wolfe
May 1st, 2011

From the student to the environmentalist to this, a father and his wife who claim they are nobodies but are denouncing Harper’s Conservatives, tossed in the rain with distress on their faces. Harper has slapped democracy again. Yesterday, Michael Ignatieff welcomed a group of Conservative supporters to his crowd, and today, the Conservatives ban what they would consider a foreigner – a person who does not share their views. Tomorrow is the election and everything must be considered. In the previous post, we covered the agendas, and there are several features and posts on the incumbent’s government. Governments should be held accountable for their actions and Harper’s party is avoiding it at all costs.

Footage from CTV at 4:38pm May 1, 2011
Michael Ignatieff doesn’t ban his opponents…

What has Canadian democracy come to? Only those who share the views of the incumbent government are respected and heard. Any attempts at criticism get attacked and censored. Is this Canadian democracy at its finest?

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Julian Wolfe
April 19th, 2011

It is clear that Stephen Harper doesn’t value Canadian healthcare – among other social programs that makes us the caring people we are. In the past, Harper and his pals have tried to reform healthcare to match it up to American standards. As Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals hammer away at the Tory misfortune in such an important campaign issue, they ask for pardon after all of their ads against Ignatieff. Harper is making a big deal about a Liberal misrepresentation of the Conservatives when the Conservatives have spent years misrepresenting the Liberals.
From the iPod tax to the fact that Ignatieff has traveled the world to abusing Ignatieff’s caucus rally, the Conservatives have a lot to be ashamed of. For instance, below are two ads that the Conservatives released and were forced to pull after 24 hours due to its class act at taking Michael Ignatieff out of context and using his own words to attack his character.

Probably the most ruthless of the two lies.

Now let’s keep Michael in context, here is what he really said.

Michael’s actual speech

If Harper’s Conservatives lied about these ads, what about the others? How much credibility do they have?
Let’s look at that great iPod tax ad, one would hope it is a joke! A university professor by the name of Michael Geist said that this rhetoric was “borderline fantasy.” Read More

Now, Harper comes after Michael Ignatieff over two mistaken quotes in his attack ad and demands that he pulls it. Did Harper and his Tory friends consider that before releasing their non-stop ads over the past 2 years? Michael Ignatieff remained a gentleman and for the name of fairness said he would tweak his ad and will even let the people choose the quote that takes its place. You can vote here.
The video has since been replaced with the corrected version and will receive further updates soon.

The Liberal Party writes the following update in their description:

The Globe and Mail has corrected a quote Liberals used in the original Stephen Harper is a “health risk” ad. Accordingly, we updated our ad. Stay tuned for more…
“Stephen Harper is demanding absolute power. Can you trust him with your health care? He said the law that protects universal health care should be scrapped. And he’s open to American style private for profit health care. Last year Harper’s finance minister called for massive cuts to increases in health spending. Now Harper has a risky plan to cut 11 billion dollars from government spending. Where would Harper’s cuts leave your family’s health? The stakes are too high. Vote Liberal.”
Authorized by The Federal Liberal Agency of Canada, registered agent for the Liberal Party of Canada.

Julian Wolfe
April 13th, 2011

The Conservatives only had one defense when it came to the Motion of Contempt that kicked them out of power. It was that it was a solely opposition-based ordeal. Now that the Auditor General comes out with a report on the G8 and G20 summits echoing the opposition’s call of ‘lack of transparency,’ Harper will have quite a bit to worry about. From the campaign of accountability came the ‘In and Out’ scandal, staffers who are being investigated for fraud, G8 funding for borders which landed 300km away from any type of border and was used as bribe money for a riding.

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