Julian Wolfe
August 7th, 2015

In its length, in its cost and in its debate schedule, this election is unusual. The first and possibly only real debate of the campaign ended and here are the highlights of what happened.

Julian Wolfe
January 20th, 2014

The Conservative government has shut down hundreds of federal and world renowned research facilities as part of their war on science. The bulk of facilities affected pertained to the climate science that has actively gotten in the way of the government’s coveted pipeline projects. The Conservatives are silencing their critics as they cut scientific funding in the name of ideological gain.

Julian Wolfe
December 29th, 2013

Who said Canadian politics is boring? This year has been a news-maker filled with controversy and action. From the battle that wages over the economy to the one being waged in the senate, Canadian political junkies had ample opportunities to gather popcorn or join the discussion over the issues that matter to them.

Julian Wolfe
December 22nd, 2013

With 209 conditions that need to be met, the joint panel reviewing the Northern Gateway pipeline proposal has given the idea a green light, leaving the final decision in the hands of the federal government.

Julian Wolfe
December 12th, 2013

In an interview with Evan Solomon yesterday, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau revealed some of his policy stances ahead of the new year.

Julian Wolfe
October 6th, 2013

Major U.S. Democratic Party fundraiser Tom Steyer sent a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper suggesting his firm lobbying for the XL Keystone pipeline may have contributed to the U.S. shut down.

Julian Wolfe
September 25th, 2013

American newspaper giant the New York Times has slammed Prime Minister Stephen Harper for trying to “guarantee public ignorance” in a recent editorial.

Julian Wolfe
June 26th, 2013

US President Barack Obama drew a clear line in the sand today on where he stands on the controversial keystone pipeline project. Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver responded to the remarks, saying he’s confident the facts support the approval of the project in a time when the Conservatives will likely be shifting their attention to the resource-based economy.

Julian Wolfe
June 24th, 2013

Climatologists have been warning the world for years about the ramifications of climate change. It is no secret global temperatures are on the rise and as the earth continually tries to regain equilibrium, climatic anomalies will continue to stagger in severity. Is the recent flooding, crippling Calgary, simply an act of god, or an example of what climatologists have long been predicting?

Julian Wolfe
May 11th, 2013

Carbon levels exceeded 400PPM recently and no matter how much Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver tries to deny climate change, the world is watching and the world is not impressed. Award-winning NASA climatologist James Hansen came under fire by Oliver, being dismissed as an alarmist. Hansen responded, exposing the “Neanderthal” Conservative government that climate scientists have offered to educate. The world responded and the European Union designated the Alberta tar sands as “dirty” and Al Gore started his crusade.

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