Julian Wolfe
November 23rd, 2013

A Conservative loss in Brandon-Souris on Monday would confirm the sour taste Canadians have from hypocrisy and a government which has lost the moral authority to govern.

Julian Wolfe
October 7th, 2013

Toronto-Centre is shaping up to be the battle of media titans as Liberal Chrystia Freeland and NDP Linda McQuaig enter the rink. However, Mulcair’s candidate is attempting to reopen the very Pandora’s box he has been desperately sealing away.

Julian Wolfe
September 26th, 2013

Elections Canada has laid charges on Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro and one of his campaign staffers after a two year investigation into his campaign finances. If convicted, Del Mastro could face a $5,000 fine and 5-year jail sentence for concealing $21,000 in campaign expenses. The PMO has since expelled him from the Conservative caucus and his court date is set for November 7, 2013.

Julian Wolfe
June 11th, 2013

There is nothing more important to a rising star in the Conservative Party than to look good. It turns out, there’s no sweeter deal than claiming salon expenses and more personal expenses on taxpayers. Adams is joining the growing list of Conservative MPs and Senators who think it is alright to have the Canadian taxpayer pay for their personal affairs. The list of expenses is hair raising and brings the Conservative abuse of taxpayer’s money to a new level.

Julian Wolfe
June 8th, 2013

Conservative MPs Shelly Glover and James Bezan are in legal trouble over financial filings from the last election campaign – Glover has the added accusation of running a misleading robocall campaign. Chief Electoral officer Marc Mayrand sent a letter to the Speaker, Conservative MP Andrew Scheer, asking that the two MPs be removed from the House of Commons. The Liberals asked for the letter, Scheer told them to find it online. The Tory MPs face serious allegations of electoral misuse and the NDP are going to support them on Monday.

Chief Electoral Officer Marc Mayrand is shown in Ottawa on March 29, 2012. The chief electoral officer says tougher rules need to be in place by next year to prevent false or misleading telephone calls in the next federal election. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick
Julian Wolfe
June 5th, 2013

Elections Canada has sent letters to the Speaker putting two Conservative MPs in legal limbo after failing to file campaign documents in the 2011 election. Saint Bonifice MP and Parliamentary Secretary to the Finance Minister Shelly Glover and Selkirk-Interlake MP James Bezan are challenging Elections Canada and if a judge rules against them, they will be thrown out of the House of Commons.

Julian Wolfe
June 2nd, 2013

What started as an isolated set of robocalls misdirecting voters in Guelph expanded to effect over 50 ridings as irregularities happened during the 2011 election campaign that gave the Conservatives their coveted majority. Did the Conservatives legitimately win the 2011 election campaign?┬áLet’s take a look at the scandal from how it unfolded.

Julian Wolfe
May 28th, 2013

On May 23, Federal Judge Richard Mosley ruled he won’t toss the election results in six ridings amid finding “thinly scattered” voter suppression and fraud in the May 2011 election. The case comes amid a challenge from citizens and democracy advocacy groups after learning of election fraud. The Conservatives cheered the ruling and recently, Chief Electoral Officer Marc Mayrand demands a crackdown.

Julian Wolfe
May 18th, 2013

Given recent controversy surrounding then-Conservative senator Mike Duffy’s 2011 campaign expenses, the senate leader for the government has asked for a second audit into his expenses. The audit will determine if the senate business Duffy claims on April 27, 28, 29, 2011 are legitimate or if they represent double dipping of campaign charges declared in a Conservative campaign invoice.

Julian Wolfe
May 16th, 2013

As if the housing allowance scandal and secretly accepting a $90,172 cheque from the Prime Minister’s chief of staff wasn’t bad enough, now we learn Conservative Senator Mike Duffy charged Canadians for senate business while he campaigned for the Conservatives in Toronto in April 2011.

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